Garrett Cattle Company was originally started by J.T Garrett, Sr., or “Pappy” as we call him. Pappy established his herd with the help of Mr. Edger Hudgins and the rest is history. In succession of his father, John Travis Garrett, Jr. or “Jacko” took over the cattle operation with his wife Nancy. Jacko and Nancy continued raising high quality, functional cattle for years. Garrett Cattle Company is now ran by their grandson, Garrett Harvey.

Aside from overall quality, the disposition of our cattle is also a key aspect we focus on. Our calves are haltered at less than 2 weeks of age and handled often. Our cattle are gathered in the pens 3-4 times a week. When the cows and calves are separated, the calves are again haltered and can be hand fed.

Our quality cattle would be an asset to anyone’s herd.

We welcome you to our ranch and would be glad to show you our cattle operation. Contact Garrett Harvey for your Cattle needs.