Welcome to Garrett Farms


Garrett Farms is a family owned business located in Danbury, Texas about 35 miles south of Houston. Our business ventures include seed rice production, cattle and live oak trees. We are delighted to tell you about Garrett Farms and Garrett Seed Rice. We simply believe if we can give you higher quality seed rice, we can help growers reduce some up front risk.

With the help of dedicated employees, we have earned a reputation that has come to define the words quality and respect. When you set out to be the very best you can, you need to break new ground to set that standard. Every day of operation, we make every effort to be the very best at what we do. We strive for this excellence so the farmer who puts our seed in the ground for his livelihood can be proud of what he is growing. Just as we are proud of the quality of product that we put into the Garrett Farms bag.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our web page.

  P.O. Box 603
Danbury TX 77534
Office: (979) 922-8405
Plant: (979) 922-8576
Fax: (979) 922-8408
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